Some of our Turbocharger services

  • Turbocharger Repair.
  • Turbocharger Balancing.
  • Turbocharger Installation.
  • Turbocharger Complete overhaul.
  • Repair of damaged parts such as shaft ends and turbine blades and Bearing Journals.

Solutions We provide

  • Repair on Exchange base.
  • Providing Spare Complete turbocharger for our contractual customers.
  • 24/7 Service Availability.
  • From Engine-to-Engine Service; starting from dismantling, repairing and re-installing on engine.
  • VTR-turbochargerR3A9859-498×374 Generator-exhaust-repair
  • Turbocharger-turbine-balancing-scaled-498×374
  • Turbocharger-turbines-ready-for-maintenance-498×374
  • VTR-turbocharger-498×374
  • VTR-turbochargerR3A9859-498×374
  • Generator-exhaust-repair

Turbochargers we serve

  • MAN Turbocharger NA NR TCA TCR.
  • BBC Turbocharger VTR VTC.
  • ABB Turbocharger VTR VTC TPL TPS.
  • NAPIER Turbocharger.
  • CAT Turbocharger.
  • Call us for Other Types.

Why us

icons8 24 hours 64
  • Turbocharger Repair Solutions That you can rely on
  • Spare Parts available for fast delivery for our regular customers.
  • Serving Power Plants in many industries and Marine.
  • Guaranteed less than any price you get.
  • Guaranteed Spare Parts and Service.

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