Medical Care Supply

by Al-Wakil International is one of the prominent steps in our business activities as a leap to open a new horizon to create a wide range of success and thus business opportunities. Therefore, our real direction is to strengthen the national economy. Since the pharmaceutical trade is an integral part of healthcare in people’s lives, we have adopted a long-term policy of distributing medicines to prevent and treat diseases and other health conditions. We have many branches in the Yemeni governorates, and each branch runs several pharmacies spread in each Yemeni governorate. Our dedication, determination, and good work ethic helped with the workload presented during our career. Our main goal is to contribute constructively to the standards of medical care supply provided and to positively influence people’s health.


provides a wide range of medical supplies, as well as personal aid products for use in the home. We maintain high-quality products to meet diverse needs. We commonly assist seniors, people who are disabled, people recovering from injuries, and people with unique needs. Our products are reasonably priced.  We always pursue to keep up with the latest new technologies so our products remain up to date with the most cutting-edge supplies available. Having a suitable medical supply at hand can help to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

We always target the ultimate patients' needs


  • To provide a wide selection of products, including hard-to-find products to meet unique needs;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction in every way, including in quality of product, customer service, reasonable price of the product, and convenience.
  • 24h to maintain the best level of accuracy and adequacy of medical care services.
  • In shortage of critical and urgent medical supplies, we maintain a good presence to bridge that gap.

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