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The first in the world to be authorized by Castolin Eutectic in welding solutions. We are an agent of Castolin which is a leading provider of the best materials combining more than 120 years of experience through our handling and repair experience has produced cost-saving solutions for our clients. With a vast service and product range in the areas, brazing, and coating technologies, we have the solutions for all the wear problems. We are using spray techniques and providing engine block Repairs. Through long-term experience in Marine and oil & Gas companies, We gained wide-spectrum experience in handling any problems.


Some of Challenging work

  • Pump Shafts Repair.
  • Gas Valves Repair.
  • Shaft Ends Repair.
  • Turbocharger Shaft End Repair “thread area”
  • Turbine Blades Repair.
  • Cast Iron Engine Block Repair.

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