Quality Policy

The hallmark of Algarmani Trading Corporation shall be quality; AMG is committed to complying with national and international relevant maintenance activities requirements, including government laws & regulations, and to provide our customers with world-class maintenance services that meet our commitments with respect to the quality of service, turn time and cost.

Transparency of the organization processes, methods, procedures, continuous adjustment, and improvement of this infrastructure to meet present and future needs of the stakeholders (the customers, employees, share-holders, suppliers, and community).

The company management has defined this quality policy in relevance to its strategic objectives; this policy should be well understood at all levels of the company.

AMG is fully committed to providing customers high-quality products through employing well-qualified personnel and through the implementation and continual improvement of the quality management system according to “ISO 9001:2000, top management reviews the quality objectives and policy periodically to ensure that this policy is suitable for all stakeholders.

HSE System

The primary concern of the corporation is the personal safety and health of each and every employee. It is the corporation’s policy to provide the resources necessary to ensure that personal safety and health related matters are maintained to the highest standard. Algarmani Trading Corporation operates a Safety Program, which is supported by management, supervisors, and employees. The Program encourages co-operation between the parties since it is through a co-operative effort that the corporation can achieve and maintain an enviable safety record. Every Employee recognizes that the responsibility for health and safety is a shared responsibility. Health, safety, and the environment policy statement.

In all of our operations, AL-GARMANI TRADING CORP. most important mission is to pursue the highest possible standards to maximize our Health, Safety, and Environmental performance.

In order to achieve this goal, the effective implementations of our policies on these issues are the top priority for all employees. By maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the areas of our operation and by conducting all operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees, our neighbors, and the environment, we can optimize the value created for our customers.

Our objectives are straightforward:

Assure the quality and technical integrity of our services so that they are fit for purpose and that their functional specifications match the customer’s application in all instances.

    • Conduct our operations with zero risk to personnel or the environment. Seek continuous improvement.
    • Consult regularly with employees, and others, with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment.

We have many objectives

  1. To ensure reliability and professionalism while targeting our client requirements.
  2. To flexible response to changes in demand and switch between transfers spare parts as required.
  3. To maintain quality and safety throughout our work.
  4. To help the client to improve their performance to achieve a good outcome