complete repair solutions, guaranteed repaired result

All Rotary parts can be balanced in our repair shop such as TC rotors, vans, alternators .. etc according to the manufacturer specifications.


achieving satisfactory running

We have a modern machine widely used in turbocharger, turbocharger impellers, turbocharger compressors, turbocharger turbines etc. These machines comply fully with the requirements of the latest Machinery Directive, also equipped with their proven CAB (Computer-Aided) measuring instrumentation. With the right know-how and suitable equipment, turbochargers can be repaired to like new condition while saving valuable resources. As well as special tools for disassembly and assembly, and appropriate spare parts to achieve quality comparable to that of a new turbocharger.

It always work to ensure

  • Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity.
  • Permanent calibration brings high accuracy.
  • Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface.

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