Premium Services

ALGARMANI TRADING has built a wide range and strong trading relationship with reputable companies from Europe, Japan, and the Gulf area in order to provide the best services to insure safe continuous operation of the equipment within reasonable time and price.

Algarmani Trading is the leading supplier company of spare parts in Yemen, where we could established our unique and efficient name in the market. We have achieved a good level of accuracy and efficiency putting forward the principle of professionalism.

 We strive to find effective solutions to customer’s problems like

  • Repair of broken parts.
  • Rebuilding of worn parts.
  • Protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Fusion technology.
  • Manufacture of new finished and semi-finished parts.

OIL FIELD SERVICES - unique Solutions

We have experienced a different type of wear that occurs in the Oil and Gas industry, impact, cavitation, friction, corrosion, heat, erosion, and abrasion. These include carbide selection, carbide size, carbide distribution, and matrix composition. Some examples of products developed specifically for the oil and gas industry

Algarmani Trading had signed a long-term agreements for mechanical and electrical supply and services for oil field companies working in Yemen. Supplying all spare parts, all major materials such as pipes, pumps, valves, compressors, steel, etc. Engineering, Maintenance, Balancing, Repair,and Logistics.

OIL FIELD SERVICES - Algarmani Trading are

  • Wear resistant cored wire for hard banding.
  • Non-magnetic alloy for use on measurements while drilling tools and instrumentation.
  • Superior self-fluxing alloy for anti-corrosion coating for combined H2S and NaCI environment.
  • Powder brazing process; Casto Dyn SF Lance and super let Eutalloy.
  • Improved alloys for crack – free wear resistant deposits.
  • Teracotta 7888 T.
  • Eutronic GAP system.

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