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Our company has pursued since its inception a very plain and strict policy of success, and management in order to achieve the recommendable level of ISO standards.

We stick with ISO Standards in dealing with our employees to achieve the best levels of satisfaction, consequently a recommendable level of productivity, but rather we backed them up to continue our march being our company’s ethics.

The employee has always been our priority, being the cornerstone of the company’s success. Due to our firm belief that the employee with management skills is a highly valuable asset and the central axis in building nations, we have always been keen to pay attention to the human element and paved the way to stand a good opportunity to develop themselves scientifically and professionally to keep pace with the steady development in the labor market.

One of the most important policies adopted by the company is to support its employees financially and professionally and always encourage them to exert more effort in achieving the best level of success. We have been inspired by a strong resolve to rise above such kind of gut-wrenching circumstances, yet manage to be upbeat and strong. Even in the most difficult circumstances, the country is going through as a result of the civil war, the deterioration of the standard of living of the individual, and the commercial depression, which negatively affected the company’s commercial activity, we did not dismiss our employees and supported them.

We have merited with ISO Certificate being a singular company in the field of maintenance and supply for the heavy industries. Throughout our career, we could acquire an unprecedented and recommendable slate, so we have been able to be at the rank of well-known and specialized companies in our niche.

In compliance with the extremely urgent need of the client to deliver the required parts in time, we conduct a proper approach to be in a good time and a good place providing technical solutions by the qualified engineering team, high performance, and lower cost in operation and maintenance.